Hello world!

Hello to everyone from my Lib 105 Course.  I really don’t want to repeat everything I posted already on the course discussion board.  I really hate talking about myself and these intro posts are just the worst.

But, let’s see.  Something about where I live:  Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, even in the snow.  I’m originally from someplace that’s under constant cloud-cover from the beginning of September until the at least the end of March.  So, the sunshine here makes winter more than bearable.

Where I work?  Well, I don’t work anywhere.  I do some transcription from home part-time, but I’m not employed.

Special interests: I like webcomics, political blogs, and Top Chef.

Something that I hope to learn from this class is maybe something I don’t already know about technology.

And that’s more personal information than I think anyone should ever publish about themselves on a public website.

I really don’t think there’s anything interesting about where I live or (don’t) work, so instead, I’m going to post some links to things I like to read.

Here’s a really good political blog:


Here’s one of my favorite webcomics:


And some food porn:


(Not actual porn.  Just pictures of food.  It’s like porn for foodies.  Just thought I needed to point that out.)

Um, a photo:

And my Wordle:

Wordle: Mine, mine, mine!

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5 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Hi Joanna!
    You are pretty advanced on that Tech Evaluation. The only 90+ score I got was spreadsheets, which was a little surprising. Anyway, I liked how you actually included the picture of the Wordle, so we did not have to navigate away from the blog. Because you already included the Assessment as a post, it was informative for me to see how multiple posts look. Although I am a bit worried that I am so far the only one to use Blogger.com. Do you guys know something I do not? Great job on the blog!

  2. Does that say “Gin and Tacos”? LOL. I’m not much of a sunshine person. I like the cold, cloud covered, rainy, snowy, humid climates. I can’t stand dry weather. (As I’m typing this my cat is trying to lick my hand)
    I know how you feel with personal postings. And to think for every class we have to do it. Blah. 🙂 I think it’s fun reading others postings though.

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