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I didn’t know.  I’ve got a WordPress blog as part of the site I help administrate.  I knew there were all kinds of features I could plug into it through the dashboard, the module that gives you more info about your stats, for instance.  I’d like to see if I’m getting traffic from outside of class.  But on this blog, I couldn’t find where to get the plug-ins.  It was like they had just disappeared.

So I checked the help section, and couldn’t find anything through their faqs.  The next best place to look is the support forums, and that’s where I found the above link.  By hosting blogs on WordPress’ servers, you’re missing out on tons of FREE features.

While hosting elsewhere does cost the private individual, it’s only about $100 a year.  If you’re already running a website there’s no additional cost to put WordPress on it.  Hosted on the library’s own server, it’s definitely worth adding WordPress, rather than hosting the blog externally at wordpress.com, just for the sake of the added features.

Take a look what’s available http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ Each plug-in is rated by users, so you can tell before you download which ones are going to require more than just clicking a button to install.  But for most, that is really all it takes.

I had no idea there were limitations on blogs hosted at WordPress.com.  I think private hosting is definitely the way to go.

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. I’m sure you are right–hosting it yourself offers lots more options. But check out the Widget section of the dashboard for your blog–there are quite a few things there that should keep us busy enough for this class (at least for most of us!).

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