Evaluation and Implementation of Library Tech

Um…what to say…I’m tired and I don’t feel like posting right now. What relevant comment can I make?

This week we learned about some of the basics or theory behind evaluating and implementing library technology. I have to say, I do think this week’s reading was a bit more meaty than last week’s “these are library technologies” topic. But we are only three weeks into the course. Maybe I have been too eager to jump in. Even though I’m glad this week seemed a little more relevant to the actual job, at the same time I’m wondering, as a library tech, how likely am I to get the opportunity to make technology evaluation and implementation decisions? I don’t think I’m going to stop at a two year degree though, so I’m sure this information will be useful as I further my studies and my career.

Oh, yeah. I was supposed to report on social bookmarking as well. Insert standard anti-corporate tirade here about the mass amount of marketing data that is being compiled by analyzing the user statistics from these “social” tools. You can be sure that as useful as libraries or the general public might find them, our benevolent corporate overloads find them all that much more useful.

But I digress….I set up my account. I’ve added the class to my network. I mildly amused myself with my username. I searched for bookmarks using tags. I bookmarked some stuff. It will be a helpful tool for organizing research bookmarks all in one place.

I have to go do my LIBR 202 homework now, then probably bed. ‘Night!

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One thought on “Evaluation and Implementation of Library Tech”

  1. You are so right about the corporate interests that monitor the social networks. These sites are visited by potential consumers, and one has to recognize that the Internet is not only a source of information, it is a source of free enterprise…as long as it is free! As much as those ads bug me, I would still prefer to have them and the Internet for free, rather than to be charged through a user tax.
    Is Library 202 the Electronic Resources class? I took that a few semesters back and enjoyed all the resources it offered.

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