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Reading over that list of search competencies, I don’t feel very competent.  I’m a Google Ninja, and I’d rather skip the academic databases altogether, never mind all those specific competencies.  I realize these are skills I need to develop for professional use, but it seems like another one of those things that I need some real-world experience to develop.

Nothing new  on Library Technology Guides.  It looks like Library Tech Talk has updated the article on BiblioBouts, adding some information about students’ experiences using the game in class.

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2 thoughts on “Search Competencies”

  1. What exactly is a Google Ninja? It sounds like something I need to learn! 🙂 Joanna, I have a very good feeling that you will eventually master those academic databases VERY QUICKLY once you decide you want to try. And the more you do it, the more it will become second nature….until the next time they upgrade the interface, and you are having to relearn where everything is! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that little jab at Inspire….just when I get comfortable they go and change everything! 😉

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