Assistive Technology

Somehow I lucked out! I had no idea what technology I would propose for my final project. Then I happened across this comment to an article on The Daily Beast:

Prelingually deafened children raised using ASL or another of the signed English systems (which keep trying to force ASL to be more like English) have roughly a 10% success rate at reading English (or any other traditionally spoken language) on grade level above the 4th grade. Reading the writing of the average Deaf adult is like reading an English paper written by a foreign student, as they are both writing in a foreign language. Imagine being raised speaking English and only ever learning to read in Spanish. Some do remarkably well, but the odds are stacked against them. It’s extremely hard for them to succeed in standard high school and college courses when they are not fluent in English.

(emphasis mine)

I (like many, I imagine) had no idea! Because I wasn’t sure about the reliability of the source, I did a little more research and found better sources that back up the statement. So, I’ve found the topic for my technology proposal. I don’t want to say too much until it’s done, but I’ve got some good ideas, and I’m kind of excited! 🙂

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