Twitter project summary

What do you think about using one of these microblogging tools?

It was kind of interesting. Some people put it to really good use. Others do not. I didn’t ever have a Twitter account until this project. I didn’t see the point. I still don’t really see it as necessary, but I think it’s more useful than I realized.

Did you find it easy to find people to follow, especially after a list of examples was given?

I didn’t even look at the list of examples until a few minutes ago. When I signed up back in session 8, I immediately set out to determine if there was a limit to the number of people I could follow. I haven’t found it yet. Although honestly, I didn’t try to find more after that one afternoon. But I found plenty of organizations I’m interested in following. I think I’ll use it much more for reading than posting.

Who are three people or organizations you starting following and why did you follow them? Have you found their posts helpful?

I started following Roger Ebert after viewing the video from his speech at the Ted Conference. Of course, his movie reviews have always been interesting. I’ve watched him on TV since the 80s. But since losing his voice to cancer, I find much of his writing extremely profound (and humorous). Although, the amount of updating he does can overwhelm everything else.

I had to follow Stephen Colbert after the #NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatement hashtag he started mocking Jon Kyl. But Stephen doesn’t update as often as I’d like.

Um…who else? I follow about 200 people, from Yoko Ono to the Justice Department.

What kinds of uses do you see you might have for microblogging? Have you already found some uses for it?

What uses might I see I might have for it? I could see it being a less time consuming and distraction substitute for my RSS feed. It’s very handy for publicizing things I’m doing elsewhere online. My blog automatically updates Twitter. I like to think I’ve found a couple of followers that way, but I doubt it. I think they’re all just follow-back and spam.

Edit: Forgot to mention my Twitter username. It’s jolibrarytech. That’s my YouTube username as well.

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