Thanks for sticking with me, folks.

I packed the kid up to tour the grandparents this morning. I hope to spend this next week that I have the house to myself making up for lost time here, at least until my husband gets back from delivering said child. I want to get those projects I mentioned posted.

Another reason that posting here has been so lax lately is that I get SO ANGRY every time I see the whole “what should we do about libraries” issue come up in the media. Those sources that aren’t produced by people in the library field obviously have no clue about what libraries and librarians do, yet those sources come across as experts to the general public, just by virtue of having claimed a corner for their soap box.

I can’t remember what it was or where I read it about it, because it made me so angry I didn’t bother noting it down. But I read that some municipality was doing away with some other service that EVERYONE knows NOBODY uses anymore (you know, except people who can’t afford otherwise) and I thought, “That’s one more service that will move into the libraries.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad libraries can provide access to these services. But I wholeheartedly WISH that libraries could only be warehouses for printed books, like so many people with the “solution” to the library “problem” still seem to believe libraries are. There simply is no other format as efficient for archiving information, in terms of hundreds of years, as paper and ink. That fact alone makes libraries worth funding. But really, that’s the just about the last thing libraries do anymore. There really is no library “problem” of obsolescence, and I can’t help wondering how much this manufactured debate is framed and controlled by the publishing industry.

Of course, every librarian knows that when you’re doing research you need to evaluate sources. But I think we’re just as likely as the next person to forget about sources when charging into full-on defense of libraries in response to articles online. Maybe it would be a good idea to put some of our research skills into figuring out where this “debate” is coming from, who’s behind it, and where the money is. Even the politicians trimming local budgets are on some lobbyist’s payroll.

Next up: privatization. (shudder)

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