Dr. Who Choose Your Own Adventure

Here’s a program I put together for the library’s Dr. Who Day.  It was intended to be passive, but one of my co-workers and I led groups through the adventure twice throughout the afternoon.  It was also intended to be an adult program, but honestly, I don’t think the event attracted many adults.  A lot teens and kids ran through it.  The description and instructions follow.

Dr. Who Choose Your Own Adventure

A figure calling himself the White Guardian commissioned the 4th Doctor, K9, and Romana to find the six segments of the Key to Time, a cosmic artifact resembling a perfect cube that maintains the equilibrium of the universe. Once again, the forces balancing the universe are so upset that the White Guardian needs to recover the segments of the Key to stop the universe so that he can restore the balance.   However, the Daleks also hope to find the Key for their own nefarious purposes.

You have been recruited as companions of The Doctor to retrieve the six segments of the Key to Time. As you have no TARDIS of your own, you have been granted access to the Gallifreyan library, where you can travel through portals in the books to the worlds most likely to contain the fragments. Find the Key to Time and deliver it to the White Guardian before the Daleks find it.

You can embark on this adventure alone, with friends, or gather at the Reference Desk when you hear the TARDIS land to be guided through the adventure.


Begin at the Reference desk, where you will receive this log sheet and your first clue.

The Deadly Assassin

Read the description, then choose one of the three actions on the card.

Find the corresponding book using the call number associated with your chosen action.

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Note on your log sheet the title of the book you found, the call number, and whether or not it contained a segment of the Key to Time.

If you find:

A Dalek or a Segment (purple square) – note down the title and call number, then choose another action from your clue card.











Another clue card – take the card out of the book, and put the card you’re holding into the same book for the next player.  (This needs to be reworked.  If you do this, the card that leads to the book will end up inside the book it leads to.  We ended up carrying around a stack of clue cards, and choosing another from our hand if we came across a clue card inside a book.)

Day of the Daleks

Continue until you have found six segments of the Key to Time. Then return to the Reference Desk. You will receive a raffle ticket for every five titles found, and an additional raffle ticket for locating six fragments.

Other than a few minor glitches, I think it ran pretty well.  Even the kids continued through to the end.  About 20 people ran through the adventure over two hours, based on the log sheets that were returned.   A few people tagged along with their friends without completing a log.  And a couple of the adults wanted to hang onto their logs so that they could go back and check out books later, which is precisely what I hoped would happen.

This program was educational, in that it taught patrons how to use the call numbers to find books for themselves, and reader’s advisory, as it got patrons into non-fictions collections they might not otherwise visit, and put their hands on books they didn’t even know they wanted.  And now that the event is over, I’ll think I’ll re-use the cards for a book display.

If you’d like to run this adventure in your own library, I’m willing to share the files, just drop me a line.  Of course, you’d have to tailor the call numbers and book titles to your own collection.

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