THAT’s a book display!

No libraries on my trip this time, but I did manage to see some books.  Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks were visiting the Rochester Museum and Science Center, along with “working” models of some of his designs.

























RMSC is one of my kid’s favorite places to visit.  We’ve been going there since he was a toddler.   Beside the day we spent at Niagara Falls, it was the highlight of our trip.

Not Leonardo’s, (obviously) but a working model of Erie Canal locks.







Signage.  (Click to embiggen.)








Ooh, and they’re having a grown-up prom for a fundraiser.


(P.S.  Do you know what a pain in the butt it is to align images in WordPress?  In the editor, that line about the fundraiser is halfway down the side of the image.)

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