Unused NaNoWriMo plot bunnies.

About half the origami plot bunnies I folded for NaNoWriMo were used to inspire our writers.  Here are the ones that were left. These all came from either the r/writingprompts subreddit, or from the Writer’s Plot Idea Generator.

  • An unprofessional reporter is implicated in an abduction.
  • A husband has limited time to organize a musical.
  • A god decides to start his first day with a hearty breakfast and accidentally creates a universe while frying his eggs.
  • Plants and animals have a trade deal to exchange CO2 for O2 and vice versa.  The deal is being renegotiated by the top members of plant and animal society.
  • No matter where you fall asleep, you wake up at home, in bed.
  • Baby sloths are adorable, but the other sins are just as cute.
  • In this world, physical appearance depends entirely on personality.  All babies are born identical.  Beauty is achieved through good deeds, while the opposite is true for ugliness.
  • Bob is a demon who’s just been summoned for the first time.
  • Your daily commute as told in a nature documentary.
  • Vladimir Putin hands President Donald Trump a deal that is too good to refuse.

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