Authority Control

Indiana University Department of Library and Information Science

S503 Organization and Representation of Knowledge and Information

Authority Control (30 points)
Objective: Achieve familiarity with find authorized headings and LSCH.
1. Search the Authority File using either Connexion or the Library of Congress Authorities for the established heading for each type of name heading below.
2. Provide the requested information for each heading. Note: You can cut and paste from the AF.

Example: Steven Paul Martini (author of Compelling Evidence) established heading

Martini, Steve, |d 1946- (Established Heading found in the 1XX tag of the AF record)

I. Find the AF Headings for the following Persons (1 point each):

1. Francis Scott Fitzgerald (Rule 22.18) (author of The Great Gatsby)
|a Fitzgerald, F. Scott |q (Francis Scott), |d 1896-1940. |t Great Gatsby

2. Leong Ka Tai (Rule 22.4B2) (photographer)
|a Leong, Ka Tai

3. Samuel Raymond Brown b. 1918 (Rule 22.18, 22.17)
|a Brown, Samuel Raymond

4. Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer (Rule 22.5D1) (saint)
|a Escrivá de Balaguer, Josemaría, |c Saint, |d 1902-1975

5. Claudio Vita Finzi (Rule 22.5C3) (geological scientist)
|a Vita-Finzi, Claudio

Headings for Geographic Places (1 point each):

1. Washington, D.C.
|a Washington (D.C.)

2. Washington State
|a Washington (State)

3. Mt. Pleasant (Texas)
|a Mount Pleasant (Tex.)

4. Vancouver Island British Columbia
|a Vancouver (B.C.)

5. Antarctic Regions
|a Antarctica

Headings for Corporate Names (1 point each):

1. Department of Housing and Urban Development (located in Washington, D.C.) (hint, this is subordinate to the United States)
|a United States. |b Department of Housing and Urban Development

2. Market Research Department of the American Stock exchange
|a American Stock Exchange. |b Market Research Department

3. National Clearinghouse for Family Planning Information
|a National Clearinghouse for Family Planning Information (U.S.)

4. Bureau of Vocational Information (located in New York)
|a Bureau of Vocational Information (New York, N.Y.)

5. Faculté de médecine Saint-Antoine (part of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie)
|a Université Pierre et Marie Curie. |b Faculté de Médecine Saint-Antoine
LCSH (3 points each) Provide min. one LCSH for each subject of a book described and a classification number from either DDC or LCC

1. Subject headings for a book about biohealth informatics.

053 _0 |a QH324.2 |b QH324.25
150 __ |a Bioinformatics

2. Subject headings for a book about human-centered computing.

053 _0 |a QA76.9.H85
150 __ |a Human-computer interaction

150 __ |a User-centered system design

053 _0 |a QA76.9.U83
150 __ |a User interfaces (Computer systems)

3. Subject headings for a book about library and information science. (hint this book requires two subject headings)

053 _0 |a Z665 |b Z718
150 __ |a Library science

053 _0 |a Z665 |b Z718.8
150 __ |a Information science

4. Give One of the subject headings for a book The Accidental Taxonomist by Heather Hedden and both the DDC and LCC.

050 00 |a Z666.5 |b .H43 2010
082 00 |a 025 |2 22

|a Information organization.
|a Classification.
|a Indexing.
|a Subject headings.
|a Cross references (Information retrieval)
|a Thesauri.

4. Subject headings for a book about Higher Education.

053 __ |a LB2300
150 __ |a Education, Higher

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