1.2 Reflection: Anticipate emerging trends and respond proactively.

The plan I wrote for the Preparation for A+ Certification program demonstrates my ability to anticipate emerging trends and respond proactively, in that I have gathered statistical information in order to analyze the complex problem of local underemployment, and responded appropriately with a program well-suited to addressing that problem.  Analyzing this problem required that I retrieve, evaluate and synthesize statistical information on employment and education in the local community.  I then provided guidance on the use of information to the segment of the service population who is underemployed by mediating a successful interaction between those patrons with the need for skills to improve their opportunities for employment and a local service group who could meet those needs.

Analyzing this information helped me to understand the importance of statistics in recognizing and defining patron needs, but most of all in justifying services provided to patrons to meet those needs.  Apart from program planning, similar methods can be used for identifying additional information needs and resources among the library’s patron population.  For example, community statistical information might indicate a need for additional foreign language materials, or suggest a need for an online database focusing on specific subject matter.  In the future, I expect to continue to analyze community needs using statistical information as the basis for program planning, and for identifying appropriate and useful information resources and services to bring to patrons.  As such, I believe I have demonstrated mastery understanding of this program goal, that I anticipate emerging trends and respond proactively.

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