Collection Development Policy Part 2

  1. Statement of collection policy
    1. Scope of the Collection: The contemporary poetry collection consists of roughly 80 volumes in the 811 Dewey range, although there are a few other volumes scattered throughout the 800s. The 811 range is commonly designated for contemporary American poetry, and currently that is what the collection consists of. Those volumes of poetry found elsewhere in the 800s consist of works by non-American poets.  Most of the volumes are slim individual works, and often only one title by each poet is included.  A few large anthologies are included from very important poets, as well as a few anthologies covering specific years, important decades, or certain subjects.  Although the adult collection includes two audiobooks of poetry, and provides access to an extensive collection of poetry through the libfinder database, different formats are considered different collections at Redwood Public Library.  Therefore, this collection contains print titles only.
    2. Strengths of the Collection: Research has shown that poetry readers use the library to sample poets before purchase for their own collections. That being the case, they find small collections with limited choice a deterrent to use. (Conrad, 2015) Likewise, large anthologies are not often sought out unless researching a specific poet.  For readers like these, small volumes of individual works by a wide variety of poets is a developing strength of this collection.  The current collection is diverse, including works by well-known award winners with long careers, as well first publications by rising stars.  Poets included offer perspectives from a variety of backgrounds.  The collection has high turnover, having titles removed as soon as circulation drops off, to be replaced by the latest publications.  Appendix C shows that only nine of 76 titles has not circulated in the last two years.  This ensures the collection is new and fresh.
    3. Desired Strength of the Collection: The collection should continue to grow in number and diversity of poets. This growth should result in increased circulation. Local published poets have been supportive of library programs, and special effort should be made to include their titles in the collection, perhaps creating a subsection of local poets, an area in which the collection is currently lacking.  As Redwood Public Library moves toward eliminating the Dewey Decimal System in favor of a bookstore-model classification system, all currently-owned works of poetry will be moved to the 811 Dewey range in anticipation of the change, regardless of whether or not the poet is American, or even contemporary.  Additionally, all formats of materials should be curated by the same librarian for the range, rather than split according to format.  This will allow for cohesiveness of the collection across various formats. Ideally, additional audiovisual materials would be purchased, as there are currently few of these in the collection.  Ebooks and online formats are not a high priority, as research has found that poetry readers do not seek out online sources for poetry. (Conrad, 2015)
    4. Selection Criteria: Selection shall focus on contemporary poets bearing in mind diversity of poet backgrounds and perspectives. Poets should be recognized professionally based on review sources, websites, and poetry organizations. Anthologies should be avoided unless a specific need is warranted, i.e., academically important poets, anthologies often assigned by university professors, etc. Local poets included in the collection should be active and known within the local writing community
    5. Deselection or Weeding Criteria: Redwood Public Library depends heavily on the statistics in Collection HQ for deselection criteria. At last weeding, librarians were instructed to discard anything that had not circulated in the last four years. As of next weeding, librarians have been instructed to weed anything that has not circulated in the last two years.  Should any titles remain in the collection outside of these parameters, (at the librarian’s discretion) the CREW method should still be followed.
  2. Vendor Selection
    1. Formats: Spoken word is extremely important to the appreciation and enjoyment of poetry, particularly if read by the poet himself. Audiobooks of poetry on CD should be added to the collection along with the print materials. One of the difficulties of engaging patrons with the library’s poetry collection is the variety of other venues available to readers of poetry for accessing recitation of the material. (Conrad, 2015) Audio CDs can fill a gap that entices poetry readers to seek out other venues for engaging with poetry.  However, print materials are the preferred method of reading poetry and constitute the core of the poetry collection.
    2. Vendors: Baker & Taylor is the preferred vendor of Redwood Public Library, for all print materials. Baker & Taylor is the largest book distributer, in existence since 1828, and most likely to have any title desired. (About Baker and Taylor, 2015) This is particularly true in regard to poetry, as poetry can often be difficult to source elsewhere.
      Apart from Baker and Taylor, Naxos has a fairly large (in comparison to other vendors) selection of audiobooks of poetry on CD.  However, these were mostly classic poetry or collections, including almost no contemporary poets.  However, even Baker and Taylor only had one poetry CD audiobook title.  This indicates that Naxos would probably be the best source for audio CDs.
  3. Selection Resources: Redwood Public Library subscribes to several professional journals including review sources such as Kirkus Review and Publisher’s Weekly.  These review sources can identify new, up-and-coming poets, as well as new releases by established writers.  Additionally, professional poetry organizations can inform of recent award winners and identify career poets as their reputations grow.  Websites of local poets and writing community groups can identify writers of local importance.  All of these resources should be used in deciding which titles to include in the collection.
  4. Bibliography.

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Appendix C

Author Title Last Use Date Date Added
wetmore, thomas h thomas hall indiana sesquicentennial poets : 07-30-1994 07-30-1994
updike, john americana and other poems : 08-31-2001 08-31-2001
simic, charles the voice at 3 00 a m :  selected late and new poems 08-20-2009 10-01-2007
hughes, langston poems : 02-18-2010 09-30-2008
koertge, ronald the brimstone journals : 05-09-2011 11-01-2002
plath, sylvia ariel : 10-02-2011 08-21-2008
schultz, philip failure :  poems 03-13-2012 06-11-2008
UNKNOWNAUTHOR good poems : 12-13-2012 04-24-2003
auden, w. h collected poems : 12-27-2012 08-31-2001
UNKNOWNAUTHOR the best of the best american poetry, 1988 1997 : 01-07-2013 07-19-1998
UNKNOWNAUTHOR american war poetry :  an anthology 02-23-2013 06-11-2008
UNKNOWNAUTHOR giving their word :  conversations with contemporary poets 04-20-2013 05-07-2003
pound, ezra the cantos of ezra pound : 04-22-2013 09-25-2001
rice, helen steiner mothers are a gift of love : 06-09-2013 07-01-2010
schiff, robyn revolver :  poems 06-24-2013 09-30-2008
olstein, lisa little stranger : 07-16-2013 07-16-2013
frost, robert early poems : 07-18-2013 09-12-2001
schutt, will westerly : 07-20-2013 05-15-2013
hicok, bob elegy owed : 07-20-2013 05-09-2013
seuss youre only old once : 08-08-2013 07-08-1994
longfellow, henry wadsworth longfellow poems and other writings : 08-30-2013 05-22-2001
seay, allison to see the queen : 10-15-2013 05-02-2013
orr, gregory river inside the river :  three lyric sequences 10-16-2013 07-22-2013
zepeda, gwendolyn falling in love with fellow prisoners :  poems 11-18-2013 11-18-2013
seay, allison to see the queen : 11-19-2013 11-19-2013
merwin, w s the pupil :  poems 12-11-2013 09-25-2001
collins, billy nine horses :  poems 12-11-2013 04-12-2003
krapf, norbert bloodroot :  indiana poems 12-26-2013 03-19-2009
kinnell, galway a new selected poems : 12-31-2013 01-25-2002
olds, sharon stags leap : 12-31-2013 05-08-2013
coen, ethan the drunken driver has the right of way :  poems 01-25-2014 08-31-2001
trethewey, natasha d native guard : 01-25-2014 06-11-2008
dove, rita on the bus with rosa parks :  poems 02-01-2014 06-24-1999
jeffers, robinson the selected poetry of robinson jeffers : 04-02-2014 09-12-2001
whitman, walt leaves of grass : 04-07-2014 06-03-2007
bishop, elizabeth edgar allan poe & the juke box :  uncollected poems drafts and fragments 08-06-2014 09-05-2007
kerouac, jack pomes all sizes : 08-13-2014 01-25-2002
ginsberg, allen collected poems, 1947 1997 : 08-13-2014 01-09-2008
frost, robert collected poems of robert frost : 09-02-2014 08-21-2008
herdman, john voice without restraint :  a study of bob dylans lyrics and their background 09-09-2014 07-15-1994
UNKNOWNAUTHOR poems of the american south : 09-17-2014 09-17-2014
janzen, rhoda mennonite in a little black dress :  a memoir of going home 09-27-2014 07-01-2010
bukowski, charles come on in :  new poems 10-02-2014 10-01-2007
collins, billy aimless love :  new and selected poems 10-13-2014 12-16-2013
ginsberg, allen collected poems, 1947 1997 : 11-06-2014 10-01-2007
bukowski, charles open all night :  new poems 12-17-2014 02-12-2001
eliot, t s collected poems, 1909 1962 : 01-27-2015 07-06-1994
szybist, mary incarnadine :  poems 01-27-2015 09-17-2014
collins, billy sailing alone around the room :  new and selected poems 02-07-2015 08-31-2001
UNKNOWNAUTHOR atheists in america : 02-09-2015 08-12-2014
doty, mark dog years :  a memoir 02-12-2015 05-09-2007
merwin, w s the folding cliffs :  a narrative 02-27-2015 11-19-1998

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