Content Analysis: NFL Inclusivity

To analyse the commercials I looked at the number that utilized gender stereotypes, and how many commercials used each type.  Of the ten commercials, nine utilized socially established male stereotypes.  Six utilized female stereotypes.  Three included no women at all.

I also found the “bigger than the internet” commercial interesting, in that 14 things were named that the product would be “bigger than.”  Only two of these were introducted by women.  Of those two, one related directly to female sexual desire.  However the other 12 also played into male stereotypes, and one related to male sexual desire.

Four of the commercials had to do with behavior expectations.  Two of these required women to conform to male expectations.  One portrayed men indulging the bad behavior of women.  One portrayed a woman’s expectations for her husband’s behavior as negative, despite the fact that the man’s behavior was inappropriate.  Only one of the commercials could be said to be gender neutral.

So obviously, advertisers use socially established gender stereotypes in their commercials.  But I don’t think these numbers would support an argument as to how many of these commercials were targeted to women.  Both genders were portrayed stereotypically, with male stereotypes far outweighing female ones.  In fact, I would subjectively argue that probably only the brothers commercial and the hot-dog commercial were targeted to women, and these contained the fewest gender stereotypes.  Regardless, that amounts only to 20% targeted to women.

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