7.1 Implement Information Technologies

This plan for implementing a makerspace in an urban public library demonstrates my ability to understand and act on national and international social, public, information, economic, and cultural policies and trends of significance to the library and information profession.  Makerspaces have become the standard in many community libraries for providing STEM or STEAM literacy education.  As this trend continues to build momentum it is important that it reach communities that might not otherwise have access to emerging technologies.

Within the plan, I apply methods of assessing and evaluating the specifications, efficacy, and cost efficiency of technology-based products and services.  Ultimately, the assessment recommends forgoing a makerspace in favor of other, more basic patron needs that were, at that time, unmet.  The budget for materials, however, comes in well under the $10,000.00 allotted, while still providing opportunities for technology education.  The extra funds can either be redirected toward early literacy, earmarked for replacing consumables, or directed toward bringing in technology presentations from partner organizations.  Yet, the materials to be purchased are well suited to matching the tech-literacy needs of an under-employed, adult service population as indicated by the evaluation of local population statistics.

Focusing the services and materials of the space toward this segment of the community, instead of toward children or teens who have more access to technology education through their public schools than do impoverished adults with little-to-no post-secondary education, represents the outcome of an impact assessment on current and emerging situations or circumstances related to the design and implementation of appropriate services or resource development.  This also demonstrates an appropriate response to diversity in user needs, user communities, and user preferences.

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