Reflection: 5.1 Represent and Organize Resources

The associated assignments demonstrate my ability to understand principles of representation and organization.  The FRBR catalog assignment required that I catalog several items on my shelf according to FRBR principles.  The Authority Control assignment required that I locate authority headings for various people, places, corporate entities and subjects.

In creating the FRBR catalog entries for titles on my shelf, I needed to understand group entities.  I was then able to offer descriptions for each group.  Within the Group 1 entities, I described the work, offered several examples of expression and manifestation of the work, and designated the item at the collection level.  Group 2 entities consist of names relating to the production of the work: authors, illustrators, publishers; individual names or names of corporations. Group 3 entities consist of keywords related to the subject of the work: concepts, places, plot-points, characters, tropes, etc., including those terms that fell under Group 1 and 2; anything that might somehow relate to the work that might provide a reasonable search term.  I thoroughly and completely utilized the principles involved in the organization and representation of recorded knowledge and information in this assignment, demonstrating mastery of FRBR cataloging, metadata, indexing, and classification standards and methods, earning 100% on the assignment, and an instructor comment of “Great work.  Well done.”

The Authority File assignment also demonstrates mastery of systems of cataloging, metadata, indexing, and classification standards and methods used to organize recorded knowledge and information, in this instance, from the opposite perspective, looking at the cataloged information to identify a work, rather than defining a work to create a catalog entry.  As I have successfully completed these assignments requiring developmental, descriptive, and evaluative skills needed to organize recorded knowledge and information sources both backward and forward, I feel I have demonstrated mastery of the “Represent and Organize Resources” program goal.

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