Reflection: 3.3 Uphold Collection Standards

The associated portion of the collection development plan, (assigned in three separate pieces) represents my understanding of the ethics, values, and foundational principles of the library and information profession, as well as the legal framework within which libraries and information agencies operate.

The plan created includes not only a mission statement focused on community needs, but incorporates elements of the ALA’s Library Bill of Rights.  This portion of the plan commits to providing information to anyone without bias, either toward the requestor or toward the material requested.  It also asserts that the library will remain neutral, leaving choice of material and the responsibility for that choice, with the patron.  Additionally, the plan includes a process for requesting reconsideration of material, in order to preserve the best interests of the community as a whole, rather than catering to the preferences of one or a small group of individuals.  In this way, the library and information professionals fulfill their role in the promotion of democratic principles and intellectual freedom.

This portion of the plan also indicates an understanding of the legal framework within which libraries and information agencies operate, as it includes a fairly detailed analysis of the library’s position within the local government and the community as a whole.  The library described is a consortium member, a political division of the city, and a taxing entity.  Far from standing alone, the library is integrated with this structured, legal framework.  Taken altogether, this portion of the plan demonstrates my ability to uphold ethical and legal standards in acquiring, leasing, preserving, and providing access to information resources.

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