Reflection: 3.1 Design and apply policies and procedures

All three parts of the Collection Development plan, given as separate assignments but taken together, demonstrate my ability to design and apply policies and procedures that support the selection and acquisition of information resources for particular communities of users.  In this instance, the community of users the resources are selected and acquired for are those interested in reading poetry.

The plan addresses concepts and issues related to the lifecycle of the collection, from evaluating its current strength and describing the strengths that would be desired, to setting out selection and deselection criteria.  The lifecycle is further addressed in the section relating to usage stats in both Collection HQ and evergreen, as well as the discussion of in-house use.  The methods of related to acquisition and deselecting of resources recommends basing an item’s lifecycle on its usage stats.

Discussion of the features and failings of Collection HQ and Evergreen demonstrate my ability to analyze technologies.  And because vendor evaluation is based on making spoken-word poetry available in the collection, this portion of the plan demonstrates my ability to recognize and implement relevant technological improvements.

Although I do feel the plan meets the standards of the ALA Core Competencies for this criteria, I can’t really say that I feel the assignment resulted in a comprehensive, formal plan.  I think that, were I to have to create a plan “for real,” it would look a lot different, although many of the same components would be included.  I would likely expand the documents here to include something about the organization, cataloging, and classification of the collection.

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