Library Tech Portfolio

This portfolio represents the culmination of my efforts in the Library Technical Assistant program at Ivy Tech.  It is intended to demonstrate my proficiency with required competencies.  The list below serves as the Table of Contents, linking to additional supporting evidence.

Joanna Conrad

Table of Contents

Introductory material

Here you will find my bio, philosophy and goals, links to my résumé, side projects, and social networking profiles.


1.  Use a working vocabulary of library-related terminology.

2.  Understand the focus and purpose of the four major types of libraries

3.  Identify and explain the roles of different types of library employees.

4.  Identify and explain the function, role, and philosophy of library public and technical service areas

5.  Be aware of the ethical, legal, and security issues related to libraries and library services

6.  Identify and demonstrate good customer service and communication concepts.

7. & 9  Identify the parts of a book and demonstrate proper use of each; Demonstrate proper techniques used in book repair.

8.  Understand the basic steps required to get a book on the shelf

10.  Conduct a basic reference interview (in a virtual reference setting)

11 & 12.  Select and use a basic print or electronic/ online information retrieval tool to match an information need or answer a reference question; Demonstrate effective search strategies (Boolean, keyword, and other) for using various electronic resources

13.  Retrieve and critically evaluate web sources to determine authenticity, credibility, intellectual content, bias, etc.

14.  Have a basic understanding of the organization of library material

15 & 16  Demonstrate the ability to use applicable resource tools in cataloging; Demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to utilize copy cataloging

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