Joanna Conrad has earned an Associate Degree at Ivy Tech in the Library Technical Assistant Program.  She completed her practicum at Greenwood Public Library, where she had been volunteering throughout the previous year.  Joanna will be employed there as a student clerk beginning in June 2012, while continuing to work toward a BA in English and eventually an MLS.  Joanna also volunteered to organize a small library at the Theodora House work-release program.

Philosophy and Goals:

I believe the most important function of a library is to serve the information needs of its patrons.  Though those needs may vary by the type of library or by the focus of the institution, service to patrons always comes first.

Public libraries, in particular, are vital anchors of the community that can bring several service organizations together for collaboration, outreach, and community integration.  Public libraries support education programs, social service institutions, and local businesses as librarians provide patrons access to necessary information and assist with navigating organizational structures.

I feel lucky and grateful every day that I am able to help my neighbors meet their goals, find inspiration, or simply enjoy some quiet entertainment. I hope to continue doing so through my work on the reference desk. I look forward to creating programs and developing well-circulated collections that reflect my belief that service to patrons always comes first.

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