Delicious Web/Library 2.0 Project

What I found on Delicious about Web/Library 2.0 was a whole lot of debate.  (Truth be told, that was exactly what I was looking for.)  I learned that, while there are undoubtedly many people who feel that Web 2.0 has a great deal of value for library purposes, there are just as many who don’t.  I think that debate is healthy, and helps me to take all the excited hype about Web 2.0 much more seriously.

Something I found intriguing was one page that had bunch widgets for applications I hadn’t been aware of before.  Of those, the most unique, I thought, was a site that allows kids to make their own online presentations from their artwork and voice recordings.

Little Bird Tales

Using Delicious was relatively easy, using tags for the subject I wanted to research.  I don’t think I would have found such interesting and relevant sites using a search engine alone.  I might continue to use Delicious for research, however, I don’t see myself bookmarking sites there myself.  I prefer to keep my favorite links in the sidebar on my blog.  They seem more permanent there, somehow, and I don’t have to remember to go to some other site in order to be reminded of my links.

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