Creative Writing

I decided on Creative Writing for my BA because it’s sort of library related and something I always thought I wanted to learn.  I like to work out my troubles with poetry and have done so for a long time. Unfortunately, the main thing I have learned from my Creative Writing courses is that I am not a writer.  I present evidence of that fact below:



How to Begin Right Where You Left Off


A Job Like a Beer Can Full of Cigarette Butts


Koi (Honorable Mention Rebecca Pitts Fiction Award)

Paper Dolls

However, I did discover, too late to change my major, that perhaps I should have gone for a Lit degree.

Nature or Nurture: Antagonistic Influences in The Yellow Wallpaper and The Story of an Hour

The Symbolism of Bob Dog in The Bluest Eye

The Last Unicorn: Schmendrick’s Ego vs. Empathy

Some additional projects and assignments:

Sir Patrick Spence Lesson Plan

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